Aged Ripe Pu’er
(357g / 12.5oz)


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Pu’er is the name of the region in Yunnan province. It also refers to a certain way of making dark tea. HER-CHA Pu’er from Menghai mountain offers deep, earthy and complex flavor thanks to the aging process. Enjoy this tea after a meal or around the table with friends and families.

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This cake weights 357 g / 12.5 oz

Brewing Instructions:

  • Chip about 1/3 oz of HER-CHA Pu’er into the pot
  • Add 1 fl. oz of purified boiling water (212°F) ( just enough to submerge the leaves)
  • Rinse the tea for 10 seconds and drain the pot
  • Add 8 fl. oz of purified boiling water (212°F)
  • Steep for about 60 seconds until leaves are re-hydrated
  • Steep 10 times
*You may see a small amount of residue at the bottom of your teapot. That is normal as it is an aged tea.

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Weight 12.5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1.25 in

Menghai, Yunnan Province, China

Gift box contains

One Aged Ripe Pu'er Cake (12.5 oz)
*Comes with a free stainless steel tea knife


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