HER-CHA is a California-based company specialized in premium Chinese tea. We exclusively choose small batch tea farmers who value quality over quantity. Through our journey in China, we met incredibly talented tea farmers. However, their small batch workshops are too small for US exports. HER-CHA made an effort to make their tea available in the US. They are part of our brand.



What is HER-CHA Tea?

Andy, the co-founder of HER-CHA, was first introduced to premium Chinese tea when he met his wife, Sunny. She comes from a tea-drinking Chinese family with strong connections to leading tea experts. This experience sets the benchmark of “real tea” for Andy. Now, by directly going to the artisan growers, they would like to make the same experience available to the US market with an accessible price.

Why the small jar?

There are two things HER-CHA does differently. First, HER-CHA uses small containers for your convenience. It is convenient because each jar contains 1-2 brews. It also preserves the delicate flavor and the freshness of the tea. Second, HER-CHA discounts the marketing trends of “named” premium tea and selects solely based on quality and taste profiles. After all there are only six varieties of Chinese tea: green, yellow, oolong, black, white and dark (Pu’er).